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The seventies

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The Seventies, is it the time fashion forgot?
I'll let you decide, but it's sure bring back great memories.

In 1979 Freemans is the first home shopping company in the UK to introduce a telephone ordering service for its agents.


freemans cover 1970s
Seventies Catalogue Cover

The Music Centre
399 for the Hitachi music centre, Hitachi was one fo the biggest brands for seventies electricals

Freemans Music Centre

It's got a belt drive record deck with stroboscope (what was that for?)

The Video
575 for a Video would you pay that today? Back in the 1970's thats what it would cost...

Ferguson Videostar

Ferguson Videostar from the late 1970s

The Training Shoes
Gola Training shoes, I think the retro look for original style "trainees" past these by..

Gola Training shoes

Gola Trainees

The Bikes
Everyone remembers the "Chopper" but how many of you remember its little brother the "Raleigh Tomahawk".

Raleigh Tomahawk from the 70s

Raleigh Tomahawk

Mens Fashion
What can I say.. the trousers, the shirts, the turn-ups the the picture says it all.. are patch pockets making a bit of a comeback? The models... these guys gave stand up comedians loads of material!!

mens-fashion-70s (12K)

Just the "gear" for that 70's night down the disco

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